First "Micro-Pension Counseling Centre" inaugurated at CTRD, Tamil Nadu by Dr. Y.S.P. Thorat

Invest India Micro Pension Services launched its first Financial Literacy Center at the head office of the Center for Tribal Research and Development (CTRD), tucked away in the lush hills of Niligiri in Tamil Nadu. Dr YSP Thorat inaugurated the same.

These financial literacy centers strive to impart knowledge on the benefits of old age savings - life, health and pension as well as savings for any unforeseen emergencies. Well trained IIMPS counselors use tools such as flip charts, films in regional languages, easy to use calculators etc to educated and mainstream, members of primitive tribal communities and self-help groups alike. The main focus is to inculcate a behavioral change among communities towards regular savings which are a) long term and b) reap monetary periodic returns in old age through secure investments.

Changing Lives
field updates

Low income individuals in remote tribal locations at Tamil Nadu are now being enrolled for "micro-pension" in partnership with Centre for Tribal Research and Development (CTRD).

IIMPS and eKutir will jointly assist low income farmers in Odisha to accumulate micro-savings through the Micro-Pension model.