In a world of imperfect markets, demand side factors create more organic solutions to meet the everyday financial needs of people. India has a rich history of experimenting with such solutions. For the Indian government and the Reserve Bank of India, attempting to leverage organic solutions to create more inclusive financial systems that meet the needs of citizens has often found its way into mainstream policy making. For micro-finance providers, they form part of the business landscape that needs to be both understood and situated in the larger business environment.

However, the number and heterogeneity of such arrangements in India is such that it is not possible to do justice to individual segments without dedicated study. In collaboration with its partners, IIMPS is making a modest attempt at seeking to create a window into this universe. Over time, IIMPS will undertake and sponsor research on the financial behavior and needs of the poor, host stakeholder consultations, produce policy and business reports and develop financial literacy and training tools. In this way, IIMPS seeks to support targeted policy formulation, regulatory response and business investments aimed at effectively bridging India’s financial inclusion gap.

Changing Lives
field updates

Low income individuals in remote tribal locations at Tamil Nadu are now being enrolled for "micro-pension" in partnership with Centre for Tribal Research and Development (CTRD).

IIMPS and eKutir will jointly assist low income farmers in Odisha to accumulate micro-savings through the Micro-Pension model.