Outreach And Business Partners

Janalakshmi Financial Services
Janalakshmi Financial Services is a for-profit NBFC serving the urban underserved, with the promoter stake held in the not-for-profit entity Janalakshmi Social Services. This is the only NBFC in India structured in such a manner, with the deliberate intent of keeping the social spirit intact. Janalakshmi Financial Services’ market-based approach to financial inclusion is defined by three distinct characteristics: first, an exclusive focus on servicing the needs of the urban poor; second, a strong customer-value driven approach in designing financial products and services; third, the centrality of technology and processes as the foundation of a scalable enterprise.

Ujjivan Financial Services Private Ltd, a pioneer in urban Microfinance in India, launched operations in Bangalore in November 2005 under the guidance of Grameen Bank (Bangladesh).
Ujjivan is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC-MFI) and one of India’s leading Microfinance institutions. More than 1 million customers are served across 20 states, from Gujarat to Meghalaya and from Puducherry to Punjab. The company has 3,677 employees working in 4 regional offices (Bangalore, Pune, New Delhi & Kolkata) and 302 branches. Named “Microfinance Organisation of the Year” in 2011, Ujjivan has disbursed over Rs. 4000 Crores in loans.

BASIX is a livelihood promotion institution established in 1996, working with over a 3.5 million customers, over 90% being rural poor households and about 10% urban slum dwellers. BASIX works in 17 states - Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Rajasthan, Bihar, Chattisgarh, West Bengal, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Assam and Gujarat, 223 districts and over 39,251 villages. It has a staff of over 10,000 of which 80 percent are based in small towns and villages. BASIX mission is to promote a large number of sustainable livelihoods, including for the rural poor and women, through the provision of financial services and technical assistance in an integrated manner. BASIX will strive to yield a competitive rate of return to its investors so as to be able to access mainstream capital and human resources on a continuous basis. BASIX strategy is to provide a comprehensive set of livelihood promotion services which inlcude Financial Inclusion Services (FINS), Agricultural / Business Development Services (Ag/BDS) and Institutional Development Services (IDS) to rural poor households under one umbrella.

Arohan Financial Services Private Limited (Arohan) began microfinance operations in 2006 and has since become one of the most transparent and growth-oriented microfinance institutions operating in India today. Arohan provides group and individual loans tailored to the needs of women engaged in income generating activities, bazaar vendors and small business owners. Arohan loan terms and repayment methods have been designed to help unleash lasting growth for these entrepreneurs. Arohan has provided over Rs.4 billion (USD 88 million) in loans since its inception and currently operates in the states of West Bengal, Assam and Bihar and serves almost 170,000 clients.

Centre for Tribals and Rural Development
The Centre for Tribals and Rural Development Trust (CTRD Trust), established in 1988 is a voluntary organisation registered under the Indian Trust Act in the state of Tamil Nadu. It works on projects and programmes aimed at promoting and strengthening the livelihood, welfare and development of the poor tribal and rural communities in the Gudalur Block of the Nilgiri Hills. CTRD works with 60 tribal villages enabling them to become more independent and self sufficient and help the tribal people cultivate tea, pepper, coffee, bananas and ginger on their own lands in order to generate a stable income.

SEWA Bharat
SEWA Bharat is a federation of SEWA member organisations, with the mandate to highlight issues concerning women working in the informal sector, and to strengthen the capacity of the organisations that serve the interests of these women. Presently nine such SEWA member organisations are working in 35 districts of seven states, and together they accounted for a total membership around 12,00,000 low income self-employed women.

Pruthvi Foundation
Pruthvi is a NGO engaged in rural development activities like education and health awareness programmes, micro finance activities by promoting SHGs and also providing financial support through local commercial banks.

Based out of Tumkur district in Karnataka, Social Welfare and Rural Development Society works towards formation of SHGs and linkages, income generating activities and micro finance education.

Changing Lives
field updates

Low income individuals in remote tribal locations at Tamil Nadu are now being enrolled for "micro-pension" in partnership with Centre for Tribal Research and Development (CTRD).

IIMPS and eKutir will jointly assist low income farmers in Odisha to accumulate micro-savings through the Micro-Pension model.